This site originated in response to the proposed closure of St Peter's Church, which has now been rescinded.
Brighton has a large number of religious buildings of outstanding quality that are at risk but it is
frequently difficult to gain entry despite the efforts of dedicated groups of parishioners and helpers.
It is hoped that these panoramas will enable more visitors to see some of
this wonderful architecture - but, as always, the real thing is even better!
Duncan McNeill

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Sacred Sites (index)

Brighton's Squares (index)

Street Scenes (index)

Palace & Pier (index)

Special Places (index)

A brief architectural history of Brighton

Profiles: Amon & Amon Henry Wilds

A scheme for Preston Park in the 1920s

A scheme for Brighton Aquarium in the 1920s

Queens Park and Charles Attree

The Essoldo Cinema, North Street

New Road and Jubilee Street


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